Alexandre Aucomte (1977)



Born in 1977 in Montluçon, Alexandre Aucomte is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Clermont-Ferrand, also working as a teacher in Fine Arts. He honed his talent and artistic sensibility at the Fine Arts School of Clermont-Ferrand, where he explored the absurd, the trivial, and the strange in his works. His oeuvre, ranging from video to installation, photography, and drawing, stands out for its ability to capture the irony and mystery of everyday life.


The exhibition showcases a selection of his latest creations, including series of minimalist drawings executed in ink, acrylic, and pencil. Often associated with a certain fragility and hybridization of forms, these works reflect the artist's rich artistic experience and sensitivity.









Exhibitions | Achievements:


. 2019 Creation of the short film "Café Paradisio," presented at the film market of the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival

. 2015-2016 Studio opening, Shakers Lieux d'Effervescence – Montluçon

. 2010 "Art in a valise" – New York, United States

. 2005 "Mulhouse 005" - Mulhouse

. 2005 "Le jour de la sirène," Christophe Cuzin workshop - Paris

. 2005 "Zoo," Auvergne Mutualiste – Clermont-Ferrand

. 2004 "Mythologies," O13 Bis – Clermont-Ferrand

. 2004 1st prize in video at the "Ridicule" competition of CROUS Clermont – Clermont-Ferrand

. 2004 2nd prize in photography at the "Ridicule" competition of CROUS Clermont – Clermont-Ferrand

. 2004 "H2O," Valéry Larbaud Cultural Center – Vichy

. 2004 "Mars de l'art contemporain," Château de Pantloux – Yzeure

. 2004 "Les enfants du sabbat 5" at Creux de l’Enfer – Thiers

. 2003 "Le temps d'un week-end 4" at Transpalette – Bourges

. 2002 "C'est à toi, c'est à moi, c'est à nous, c'est à vous," Pierre Laporte Center – Clermont-Ferrand

. 2002 "Avant-Goût," La Résidence – Dompierre sur Besbre

. 2001 "BOZAR," Faculty of Gergovia – Clermont-Ferrand

. 2001 "École des Beaux-Arts," La Résidence – Dompierre sur Besbre