Jea n Vincent (1957)



Jean Vincent was born in 1957 in Saint Sylvestre Pragoulin, in the Puy-de-Dôme region of France. After pursuing a career in social work, he decided in 1984 to also explore his passion for art by enrolling in the Bourges School of Fine Arts. It was there that he joined the Ceramic workshop led by Jacqueline Lerat. This choice marked the beginning of a new chapter in his life, where he aimed to deepen his knowledge in the artistic field and develop his own creative approach.


For two years, Jean Vincent immersed himself in learning ceramic techniques, including modeling and wood firing. This period allowed him to experiment and refine his skills, while nurturing his desire to create unique and authentic pieces.


Through the encounter with materials and techniques, the idea of creating fire sculptures emerged. Jean Vincent saw in this approach the opportunity to fully realize his artistic intention. Over the years, he explored different approaches, assembling objects and using various materials and techniques to bring his creations to life.


Gradually, his work focused exclusively on clay. He adopted the technique of hollow modeling to shape his sculptures, favoring round and organic forms inspired by gestures, postures, and movements, as well as natural elements such as pebbles or rocks. These sculptures, produced in series, find their place both outdoors and indoors, inviting contemplation and reflection on nature and movement.


Through his artistic journey, Jean Vincent continues a quest for personal expression, seeking to convey emotion and harmony through his sculptural works. His work reflects a particular sensitivity to forms and textures, inviting the viewer to journey into his artistic universe, imbued with poetry and simplicity.