Noworyta (1962)



Jean-Pierre Noworyta, born in 1962 in Albi to a Polish mother and a French father, is a painter and visual artist whose work is characterised by a strong use of material. He uses used posters recovered from everyday life to make them the palpable material of his subjects.


 The painted or assembled objects (chairs, bicycles, dolls....) are diverted from their primary role, as if to carry a message.


The human or animal representations, both fragile and imposing, in turn denounce a world that leaves little room for communication and altruism.


 Noworyta's questioning view of the contemporary world is thus evident throughout her work, with no detours or pretences.


 And this is the expressive power of his works: to force us to question the value we place on our humanity, through our behaviour, our relationships and our consumption.


 It is as if Noworyta were holding up a mirror to us. It is up to us to dive into it...