In 2014, after dedicating 15 years of his life to leading creative projects in the digital marketing field, Antony Squizzato made the bold choice to temporarily put his entrepreneurial career on hold. He wholeheartedly embraced his true passion, one that he had always nurtured within himself: developing his artistic universe across a variety of mediums while continuing his role as an art director.


Since then, the days spent by Squizzato (his artist name) in his studio have given birth to an artistic style he has dubbed "the new constructivism." As a versatile artist driven by curiosity and a playful spirit, he portrays a world in constant acceleration since the post-war era, with unabashed impudence or through poetic metaphors. His work explores the duality of individuals, couples, groups, and their environments.


He organizes his work into series, with limited color palettes but emanating the same energy. With a minimalist approach (simplifying by imposing constraints), some series opt for geometric rationality, such as architecture and abstraction, while others are more instinctive, capturing snapshots of individuals lost in their contemporary solitude. For Squizzato, art is above all an unlimited realm of freedom, an escape from the beaten paths of standardization, classification, and boredom.


Squizzato adeptly juggles between traditional painting techniques in the studio and deliberate use of new technologies to break free from artistic conventions, prioritize emotion, and create works that are both classical and contemporary. His signature incorporates influences from pop art, cubism, Bauhaus, and suprematism.





Since 2015, his work has been regularly exhibited and integrated into private collections worldwide. As an eternal admirer of Paul Klee, he embraces the philosophy of the Shadoks, inspired by the great painter, summed up as: "Why make it simple when you can make it complicated?" For Squizzato, it's through the tireless repetition of the same gestures, constant self-questioning, and pursuit of fleeting ideas that art comes to life.


The artist summons abstraction and minimalism to bring universal visions to life on canvas or on massive mural frescoes. Everyone is invited to interpret his works in their own way, decipher them, and find their own meaning within.


Ultimately, Squizzato challenges you thus: "Figure this out... or, talk to me."