Alexandre Breuil


Born into a family of artists, Alexandre Breuil began his professional life in the audiovisual and music industries. He then trained as a graphic designer and worked for national press editors for around ten years.


In 2008, he decided to diversify his activities as a freelance graphic designer.


Since 2013, Alexandre has been studying calligraphy with Alessandra Laneve, a graduate of Nihon Shuji (shodo and sumi-e, Kampo School of Calligraphy in Japan) at the Atelier du Tanuki in Paris.


Seven years ago, he picked up a pen and Indian ink.


His first exhibition will be at the Théâtre du Rond-point in Paris in 2019.


For the last five years, putting trees on paper, he has been describing human relationships in the family setting, without judgement and with kindness. Alexandre is increasingly incorporating brushstrokes and calligraphy into his work. For the last two years, he has been living in the north of the Cantal; he founded the studio-gallery Du vent dans les branches in Murat with other artists and joined the collective of La Fabrik d'Aurillac in 2022.



Families come in all shapes and sizes.

For some, the thought of family is comforting,

for others, distressing.

Some couples merge and live together for a long time,

others break up or live in threes or fours.

Sometimes siblings thrive together,

or grow up in opposition,

or two twins merge and live happily ever after

as mischievous old maids.

You choose to expand your family

or to remain single, without feeling sad about it.

Sometimes you stay close for a lifetime

and sometimes you don't.

And sometimes everything changes and that's happy... or sad.

Sometimes the void left by a death is filled,

sometimes it takes time...

You are looking at the start of a process that will also take

takes its time too.

With Indian ink, under a pen,

the family takes on the appearance of our neighbours and friends,

rooted in the soil and their heads high in the sky

these purveyors of oxygen.

Whatever their species, their size or their branches

these trees exist, express themselves, show themselves

and evoke episodes in our lives.