Thomas Fouque


Born in 1986 in Bastia, Thomas Fouque is an engraver and visual artist whose unique artistic journey has been shaped by his passion for intaglio printing and engraving. A graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, he was awarded a grant for furthering his skills in the crafts of art by the city of Paris, allowing him to be trained as an intaglio engraver at the renowned Ateliers Moret. Over the past ten years, he has dedicated his talent to creating remarkable prints, collaborating with other artists, experimenting with new techniques, and developing a distinct artistic vision.


His creations as an artisan artist are complemented by a more personal body of work, primarily focused on engraving. Through his meticulous practice, Fouque addresses the concept of metamorphosis, capturing moments of transition and transformation in images engraved point by point onto glowing metal surfaces. Inspired by Ovid's quote, "I intend to sing of forms changed into new entities", Fouque translates this perpetual movement of life, with its cycles of growth, blossoming, maturity, and decline, into emotionally resonant artworks.


Thomas Fouque's body of work reflects the shift from the minuscule to the vast, from the known to the unknown. His engravings evoke cloudy forms, ephemeral islands, and crystallized structures, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in inner worlds that are both luminous and dark.


In addition to his creative endeavors, Fouque has exhibited in numerous prestigious galleries and institutions, including the Fondation Taylor. His accolades include the Frédéric and Jean de Vernon Prize from the Academy of Fine Arts and the Marie et Léon Navier Prize from the Fondation Taylor, along with residencies at the Château de Lourmarin in Luberon.


Thomas Fouque's artistic legacy is a celebration of metamorphosis and transformation, capturing the ever-changing essence of life through finely engraved lines.






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 "Seeds", Contemporary Art Gallery, Auvers-sur-Oise


"9th Engraving Biennial", Gallery at the end of the world, Saint Hippolyte-du-Fort

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"29th Salon of Contemporary Prints, Rueil-Malmaison.

 "Display", Art from Here, Angers


"Leon's Christmas", Gallery A, Denée


Prizes and scholarships


 2018 - Frédéric and Jean de Vernon Prize, Academy of Fine Arts

 2017 - Marie and Léon Navier Prize, Taylor Foundation

 2016 - Second stay at the Château de Lourmarin in the Luberon with the support of L'

2015 - Residence at the Château de Lourmarin in the Luberon with the support of the Académie des Beaux-Arts

2014 - Antalis Prize on the occasion of the collective exhibition "Pointe et Burin"

2013 - Corot Prize at the "29th Salon de l'Estampe Contemporaine"

2012 - Improvement prize for crafts from the city of Paris