Diane de Sein Leger (1967)


Diane de Sein Leger was born in the north of France in 1967. She is currently living in Paris, close to her studio.


She has had both scientific training (comparative anatomy of humans and apes...) and artistic training (theater directing, writing, painting, then sculpture).


She is passionate about the pleasure of creation and the various techniques used in sculpture, and has devoted almost all of her "artistic time" to it since 2010.


She likes to " take photos in 3 dimensions ", a movement, an attitude, an expression that she then captures in clay, concrete, resin or bronze.


 After animal and representative series, she has been moving towards abstraction for several years. Her abstract works can be inspired by the movements of street dancers or familiar objects, where she only keeps the essential lines .... Her sculptures are sometimes very rough cut, sometimes sensual, but always convey the sense of movement and strength. They invite both mental and tactile exploration.


Diane also creates "furniture-sculptures" in bronze and wood or bronze and glass, with the aim of living as close as possible to works of art every day, which she considers a source of well-being.


This artist also likes to share. For this reason, in 2021, she created an association dedicated to the promotion of artists. The ARTyz Association, managed by volunteers, offers various events bringing together artists from all parts of the world and from all artistic disciplines.




2023, March-April: Catherine Pennec Gallery, Clermont-Ferrand with photographer Nicolas Baghir


 - 2018 - 2023: KAZOART Online Gallery

 - 2018, October: exhibition "Salon des arts", in Morainvilliers (Public Prize in sculpture)

 - 2018, June: exhibition "Contemporary Art and Street Art", place Saint Sulpice, Paris 6ième.

- 2018, April: exhibition at MONTMARTRE, Paris. TOTEM Gallery, Paris