Didier Dupeux



Born in 1958 near Thiers, in the heart of the Cutlery region, Didier Dupeux is a painter and sculptor based in Thiers. He returned to establish his residence and studio there.


His passion for painting and sculptures has been a constant companion. It all began when he accompanied his daughter in her artistic pursuits during her childhood, but he soon forged his own artistic path, never letting go of painting ever since.


Didier Dupeux's art is a powerful expression that confronts reality, life's rough edges, the transformations of nature, beauty, and ugliness. He allows chance to guide the initial movements, and then the artwork takes shape, where emptiness holds as much importance as fullness.


With his series "Rouilles" (Rusts), Didier explores metamorphosis and oxidation, blending colors derived from his experiments. These moments have allowed the artwork to take on a life of its own, existing autonomously, delivered to itself and the elements, before being confronted with the transformations imposed by the painter.


His art reflects a profound contemplation of creative processes and the harmonious coexistence of chance and artistic control. Didier Dupeux continues to captivate with his ability to intensely translate emotions and the inherent changes in life through his paintings and sculptures.