Marie-Hélène Blanck (1964)



Born in 1964 in Clermont-Ferrand, she has been living and working in Ulm, Germany, since the year 2000. The establishment of her studio in 2009 marks the culmination of an eclectic journey where art has always been her companion and source of inspiration. Her openness to artistic discoveries and related disciplines leads her to explore new paths. Alongside her professional activities, she pursued studies in interior architecture and architecture in Paris, after teaching for several years at a primary school in Clermont-Ferrand.


Throughout her journey, she has acquired valuable experiences and skills that she invests in her artistic practice. Exploration and experimentation fuel her passion. The intensity of her research work feeds into a constantly evolving creative process. Her pictorial work thus emerges from a constant evolution.


Over the years, her artistic practice has evolved. Familiar with the use of various materials (threads, paper, fabrics, etc.) to create works ranging between jewelry and paintings, she explores the possibilities of merging the plastic and graphic characteristics of these materials, thus connecting often compartmentalized domains, art, and crafts. In recent years, she has primarily focused on painting while continuing her graphic research.


Various themes such as the passage of time, nature, fragility, relationships, among others, inspire her artistic work. Her encounter with two artists, Frank Hempel and Michael Danner, along with their fruitful exchanges and discussions, encouraged her to fully commit to her artistic career.


If her artistic creation arouses curiosity, attention, and emotions, while also prompting questions, it is because it offers the possibility of an experience, the possibility of an encounter. Visitors are invited to freely follow the path she proposes, to let their gaze wander and to stop where something resonates within them. The artist thus offers them the opportunity to dare their own perception and interpretation.




Upcoming: June 6 - July 13, 2024, Catherine Pennec Gallery, Clermont-Ferrand (63)

Since 2012: Annual Exhibition, Open Studio, Ulm, Germany

2022: Collective Exhibition, Michelsberg Institute, Ulm, Germany

2021/22: "Entre," Solo Exhibition, Fortbildung1 Training Institute, Stuttgart, Germany

2017: Collective Exhibition, Dai One Interior Architecture Agency, Neuilly-Plaisance (94)