Philippe Hérard



 Born in 1966, Philippe Hérard, a prolific painter, has been creating poetic, fanciful, absurd and dreamlike work for over 35 years that surprises as much as it seduces. Through unexpected imagery, he translates his deep questions about Man and the society that shapes him.


Each painting by Philippe Hérard reflects universal themes such as solitude, the desire to escape, daydreaming, thus expressing a subtle quest for balance between collective identity and self-esteem. With his own artistic codes, Philippe Hérard draws our imagination into a new reality, freed from the absurd constraints which disturb as much as they fascinate, offering representations outside of conventions.


 The artist stages himself in an offbeat imagery that abounds in his mind drawn from his daily observation of what surrounds him and using painting as a liberating outlet. His works, true bubbles outside of time, escape any logic of behavior, thus creating an intimate exchange with the viewer.


Through a poetic and offbeat reading of the world, Philippe Hérard explores the way in which Man interacts with his environment and his fellow human beings. Each composition, mainly on canvas and cardboard, opens up new stories featuring figures such as the Paddle Man and the Buoy Man, thus questioning the human condition with subtle humor.


 In 2009, Philippe Hérard decided to extend his art to urban space by affixing his characters to large collages. During the first confinement in 2020, far from Paris, he created a painting every day, an experience that he immortalized in the book “Un jour un carton”, dealing with solitude. Despite the second confinement, the artist, this time stuck in the capital, uses his authorized daily outing to exhibit his new creations by sticking them on the walls of Belleville, thus demonstrating that even in times of isolation, art remains a unalterable creative force.


 Portrait Photo credit : Philipp Hugues Bonan (PHB)