Sébastien Ruiz




Sébastien Ruiz was born in 1972 in Clermont-Ferrand, to an Auvergne mother and an Andalusian father. Initially a musician and painter, it was through his work as a technician that he discovered metal 15 years ago. As a self-taught artist, the encounters over the years have shaped him.


His sculpture combines material and gesture with violence; however, the aesthetic result is welcoming and warm in contrast. Using multiple small grimacing and twisted pieces, he passes through showers of sparks, heats the metal until it glows, and forges lines and volumes.


Once the storm has passed, the eruption calmed, crimson and burnt, his sculptures await the approval of the creator, which he offers with a generous gaze. He infuses something into his sculptures, not free will, but an equally human and miraculous essence. Whether they dance, sing, or run, there is always a familiar presence, an evident interaction that spreads to the viewer. Treatment of the face, airy and dynamic interlocking of materials, elegance of the silhouette, so much desire emerges from his creations. It is a work that requires no dictionary or curator. It spreads in a language made by humans for humans. Like the sculptor, his sculptures have an authentic generosity that places them directly in our hearts.