Théo Lopez (1989)


Extract from the catalog of the exhibition "abstract interlude" 26 April - 25 May 2023. Do not hesitate to contact the Gallery owner by phone (+33 607447282) or by mail ( or through the contact form on this website if you need more information, especially on prices.


Theo Lopez started his artistic path at a very young age. In 2008, his encounter with the 9th Concept Collective encouraged him to take a decisive pictorial direction. Surrounded by confirmed artists and driven by growing curiosity thanks to his numerous trips to Russia, Israel and the United States, he expanded his vision beyond his original aspirations. At the age of 34, he shared his particular universe with us through his keen sense of observation. Initially inspired by tribal and spiritual influences, Theo Lopez is now moving into the realm of abstraction. At first he created works full of patterns and optical effects but now his research is being guided by a need to return to basics, to the very essence of his approach. Much like the Russian Constructivists, European Lyrical Abstraction, American Abstract Expressionism or even his graffuturist contemporaries. He creates poetry in his work through matter, line and color. Experimentation is an integral part of the artist's creative process. The creation of a work constantly oscillates between two opposite but complementary concepts: reflection and spontaneity. His starts in a spontaneous and intuitive way, with random curved writings and gestures which he then structures with straight lines and geometric shapes. This repeated operation generates a transformation. The artist does not follow a predefined path, the painting is built in real time. Cutting, breaking, tracing, structuring, covering, adding, scratching, hiding, revealing... Theo Lopez perceives painting like a sculptor, playing with randomness and provoking accidents to attract inspiration. A hybrid poetry emanates from the metamorphosis. The different layers merge, the colors talk to each other, the lines vibrate and respond to each other, the accumulated paint acquires depth. These contrasts evoke energy flows, subconscious glimmers, the canvas is inhabited. By articulating all these apparent contradictions in this way, he succeeds in awakening secret harmonies between them, which will ultimately become the signature of his own style. Beyond being a painter, Theo Lopez is also a socially committed artist. Since the beginning of his career, he has supported associations such as Autism Without Borders, Bloom for the protection of the oceans, the "Musée en Herbe", the "Secours Populaire" and others. Since 2020, accompanied by the large American paint corporation PPG, he has participated in actions in hospitals and support homes for severely dependent people for the French “Téléthon”. This collaboration led Theo to paint at the AFM Téléthon headquarters in 2022, and in 2023 he will become the sole ambassador of the PPG Group's Chromatic brand with a color chart reflecting his own style.




Gatherine Pennec Gallery - Clermont-Ferrand - France

Larock-Granoff Gallery - Paris

Katia Granoff Gallery - Honfleur - France

David Bloch Gallery - Marackech

TwentyCinco Gallery - Hong Kong

Pretty Portal Gallery - Dusseldorf - Germany

Ventedart - Lyon - France

Base Gallery - Bilbao - Spain




October 2022: KONG CHRONICLES -Twenty Cinco - Hong Kong

June 2022: SPOTKANIE - Vincent Tiercin - Paris

March 2022: HORIZONS - Outsiders Galerie - Lyon

September 2021: CICLOS - Vincent Tiercin - Paris

March 2020: RESONANCES - Vincent Tiercin - Paris

September 2019: AURORA - Russo Yubero - Geneva

September 2018: HIDDEN SIDES - Vincent Tiercin -Paris

October 2017: BRAINSTORMING - Artistik Rezo -Paris

July 2014: Apnée - NUNC - Paris

February 2013: Méandres - H2 basement - Paris




May 2023: Cutting Edge -Pretty Portal - Dusseldorf - Germany

April 2023 : Galerie Catherine Pennec - Clermont-Ferrand - France

March 2023: Semiologie - 9ième concept - Layup - Toulouse - France

September 2020: Urbstractions - Pretty Portal - Dusseldorf

July/Dec 2020: Vision D'ensemble - 9eme concept/Fluctuart - Paris

June 2020: Color in the house - Artravel/Ventedart- Lyon

November 2018: Expo 96 - Fondation desperados/ JCDecaux - Paris

January 2018: Spectrum - City of Talent - Swinton and Grant - Madrid

December 2017: Urbstractions - Pretty Portal - Dusseldorf

April 2017: Galerie Francis Noël - Duo Indie 184 / Théo Lopez exhibition - Liège

October 2016: FLOW - Retrospective 9th Concept - Lille

May 2016: Fred Atax - STROKAR - Brussels - Belgium

June 2014: Palais de TOKYO - Google cultural Institute - Paris

June 2011: Musée du Quai Branly - Africa in all its senses - Paris

September 2009: TOKYO Palace - IMAGINE - Paris




2023/2025 : Ambassador Artist for CHROMATIC PPG France

2021: "Wall of life" for AFM Telethon to Yolaine de Kepper for PPG

2020: "Wall of life" for AFM Telethon at Garches Hospital for PPG

2020: Artists' T-shirts Fall/Winter 2020 collection - Agnès b

2018: Future Collector's Edition Desperados

2018 - 9th Concept - MNSTR

Since 2016: Ile de France representative Arkose Climbing - Paris

October 2016: CORTO MOLTEDO - Jardin du Palais Royal - Paris




2019: Art Elysée - Ground Effect - Paris

April 2019: URBAN ART FAIR - Artistik Rezo - Paris

April 2018: URBAN ART FAIR - Pretty Portal - Artistik Rezo - Paris

February 2018: URVANITY - Pretty Portal - Mardid

April 2017: URBAN ART FAIR Artistik Rézo - NUNC - Paris April 2016: URBAN ART FAIR Francs Colleurs – Paris




November 2023: Wall Fin carrée - Pretty Portal - Dusseldorf - Germany

September 2023: wall painting - Bleu d'archi - Le Mans - France

May/july 2023: 3 rooms Arkose - Paris - France

August 2022: Pretty Wall - Pretty Portal - Dusseldorf May 2022: Forme(s) Collective - AOC/9econcept - Médoc - france

December 2021: Fresco Hopital St Joseph- Marseille

May 2020: Pixoasso - Golden Age Wall - Paris - France

June 2019: Sculpt'en Sologne - Sologne - France

September 2018: Le Mur Cherbourg - Cherbourg - France

July 2018: Urban Art Agency/ Bouygues - Croizat Project - Villejuif - France

June 2018: Urban Legends - Artistik Rézo/Pôle Magnétic - Bordeaux

April 2017: inauguration of the M.U.R of the 12th district - Cicero - Paris

December 2016: Pôle Magnetic - Le M.U.R de Bordeaux - Bordeaux

October 2016: Artistik Rézo / ART42 - Les mondes souterrains - Paris

August 2016: ARTPLAY - Mural painting - Moscow

June 2016: City of Loures - Loures arte publica -Loures - Portugal

June 2015: Juxtapoz - Aux Tableaux - Marseille

November 2015: Matreshka Team - Live Painting MOSCOW - Moscow

 Sept 2014: 9th concept - Residence before destruction - Bayonne




October 2019: Artistic Vibrations - Molitor

February 2017: Opus Délits #69 - Critère édition

November 2015: Residence before destruction - 9th concept

December 2014: I said a Hip #3 - Florent Auray

June 2014: Google cultural Institute - 9th concept

2013: 9th concept, 20 years of collective creation - Arttitude




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